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Stratum is happy to share some good news about Owners Associations. The statistics below show that Community Living is a popular option all around the world!

Did you know?

A recent international survey was conducted with residents of various Owners Associations to measure their satisfaction with the community living experience.Here’s the result of that survey:

Considering your overall service charges and the services provided by your Owners Association, how would you describe the return for what you pay in service fees?

81%of the respondents said “good or great” while 18% responded “not so good or bad”.  Owner’s service fees are an investment in the community, paying for services and amenities that enhance the neighborhood and protect property values.

Does the Community Manager provide value and support to residents and the community as a whole?

73% replied with a resounding “yes”, while only 21% responded negatively. Community Managers are the professional backbone of the communities they serve. Many Owners Associations could not function without their guidance and support. Even more reassuring, 81% of residents who have had contact with their Community Manager say it is a positive experience.

Do the rules in your Owners Association protect and enhance property values, harm them, or make no difference?

76% responded that the rules “protect and enhance” while 21% said theymade no difference. Rules and restrictions can be a source of disagreement and discontent in any environment. Many people simply don’t like to be told that they can’t do something.

What are the best aspects of living in a community association?

24%          Neighborhood attractiveness

17%          Less maintenance for owners

13%          Community safety

12%          Property values

8%            Responsible neighbors

The Stratum team is proud to help create this positive living experience for our clients. Call on our team to learn about the difference between a neighborhood of houses and a community of “homes”.




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