Full Association Management Services

Stratum Owners Association Management services will ensure full compliance with all requirements under Law No. 27 concerning ownership of Jointly Owned Property.

Owners Association Establishment

  • Assist legal consultants with the drafting of management agreements, declarations and OA community rules.
  • Assisting with the establishment of the Owners Association and election of the Board.
  • Preparation of Service Charge reviews and budgets.
  • Establish Owners Association trust accounts and implement financial management arrangements.
  • Determination of Key Performance Indicators for Building Management and Facilities Management Agreements.
  • Preparing and distributing correspondence and records related to the General Assembly.
  • Convening General Assembly and arranging Board Meeting(s) to follow.
  • Producing meeting records and Board documentation to meet with RERA requirements.
  • Producing strategies and processes in relation to the management of the community.
  • Providing education material to Board Members ensuring they are aware of their obligations.
  • Liaising with the Board to ensure understanding of the Budget and Service Charges.

Financial Management Services

  • Opening, operating and reconciling a trust account in the name of Owners Association, including the collection and banking of owners maintenance payments and other receipts into this bank account.
  • Preparation of annual service charge budgets.
  • Establish and maintain General and Reserve Funds.
  • Collect and deposit service charge contributions.
  • Monitor service charge in arrears and implement collection.
  • Process and pay invoices for work carried out on behalf of the owners association.
  • Compile and maintain all accounting records.
  • Accounting for and reporting on all technical, administrative, financial and regulatory matters.
  • Prepare and present quarterly financial budgets and statements.
  • Arrange annual financial audits.

Administration & Secretarial Services

  • Development of long term management strategies for the Jointly Owned Property.
  • Maintain and store all records, accounts and registers required by Law.
  • Obtaining and renewing licenses and attending to Government registration processes on behalf of the Owners Association.
  • Issue service charge levy notices.
  • Collection of service charge payments for the Owners Association.
  • Prepare agendas and notices of all meetings (Board Meetings, Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting).
  • Convene, hold and attend all meetings as necessary.
  • Prepare and dispatch minutes of meetings.
  • Attend to and resolve disputes within the Jointly Owned Property.
  • Co-ordinate the addition and/or amendments to the Association Community Rules.
  • Community Rules enforcement.
  • Communicating complaints & requests from owners in relation to common property areas.
  • Liaise with the appropriate authorities (government, semi-government, specialist practitioners).
  • Arrange valuations and quotes for insurance.
  • Arrange all statutory insurances to be kept current.
  • Renew insurances.
  • Prepare and lodge insurance claims.

Asset Management & Facilities Management Contract Supervision

  • Facilities management contract procurement and service level supervision.
  • Prepare, implement and coordinate a preventative maintenance program.
  • Arrange scope of works for all trades people and specialists.
  • Arrange quotations for all services and remedial work.
  • Arrange and coordinate repairs and maintenance.
  • Engage and supervise trades people and specialists.
  • Supervise repairs and warranty claims in relation to common areas.
  • Fire safety compliance.
  • EHS compliance.




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