A proven track record in strata management

Stratum’s team has been successfully managing strata titles, community titles and company-titled properties for over 34 years. We have built a reputation for integrity and expertise in the Owners Association market. Our associated Australian company has been recognised as one of the best strata management companies in Australia as evidenced by our proven track record in out-performing on every aspect of strata management when compared to best practice.

Our commitment to Owners Association management

Stratum is committed to improving the entire strata management industry in Dubai and strives to deliver positive results for our employees, clients, suppliers and shareholders as well as working with government departments, regulators and educational providers. Stratum is committed to the region, its growing diversity, the communities and the real estate we service and manage.

Why the United Arab Emirates?

In 2009 Stratum established its Owners Association management services in Dubai with the aim of leading the evolution of the Middle East’s real estate market. We are pioneers in the Dubai strata management industry, which exists in what we believe to be the most exciting and progressive real estate market in the world. Our focus is to bring our specialised capabilities from Australia to this new challenging market and deliver a world-class service to our customers.




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