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In April 2007 the Dubai Government passed Law No. 27 to implement the regulation of Jointly Owned Property (JOP) ownership in the Emirate of Dubai. The intention of the JOP law was to bring the UAE real estate market in line with the needs of this maturing industry and to ensure the proper control, operation and maintenance of built environments for the benefit of all.

What is Jointly Owned Property Law?

The JOP law has been tried and tested in numerous countries including Australia, which has one of the oldest and most advanced strata management regimes in the world, having been developed since 1961.

The JOP law effectively introduces a democratic and regulatory environment with three main objectives:

  • Real Estate Titling Regime – Division between units, common property and shared facilities.
  • Consumer Protection – Greater transparency through mandatory disclosure for potential real estate purchasers before a substantial financial commitment is made.
  • Management Control – The transfer of management rights of common areas and shared facilities from the developer to the Owners Association.

How can Stratum help you?

Although similar to other strata regimes, the JOP regulatory framework introduced by the Dubai Government in 2010 has key differences that make it unique. Stratum can help you understand these complexities and keep on top of any new regulations or court and tribunal clarification of the interpretation of the existing law.

The formation and ongoing management of an Owners Association can be complicated and requires specialised resources with the necessary knowledge and skills. Stratum can provide your Owners Association with dedicated association management experts and ensure your Owners Association meets all the legal requirements, while providing exceptional standards of service.




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