Our operating principles

As a service-based business, Stratum understands how important it is to deliver a quality, expert service to our customers. We do this by concentrating on three core areas.


The Stratum team is made up of experienced, focused, hard-working professionals who enjoy what they do and take pride in achieving the best results possible for our clients. Stratum promotes a policy of leadership, responsibility and accountability and only employs the very best people in the industry and we strive to deliver on the following points:

  • Broad skill base – We employ a team with a large range of skills and practical hands on industry experience and ensure our staff evolve to meet the changing needs of the industry.
  • Promoting autonomy – We encourage our staff to innovate and take responsibility for their clients. This autonomy takes place in a clearly defined framework within strict financial parameters and regular assessments of performance.
  • Strong management – Providing our staff with leadership from capable, motivated senior directors ensures our business challenges are met. Our association managers are our company’s assets and we recognise this as a core factor in Stratum’s recognised success.
  • Rewards – We believe people perform best when they have clearly defined goals and are allowed to achieve them! While financial rewards provide strong motivation, we also place importance on career advancement and skill development.
  • Employer of choice – By valuing our team and maintaining high standards of recruitment, development, rewards and direction, we hope to make Stratum an employer of choice. With the best staff, we can provide you with the best levels of service.

Management Systems

We’ve implemented best practice management systems and processes across the Stratum business to ensure we perform as efficiently and ethically as possible. Our systems include:

  • Association Management Quality Control – Using our IT and online networks, we collate information, which is reviewed by senior management. We conduct weekly and monthly reviews to monitor the performance of our managers and their individual portfolios.
  • Cost Control – Our strict cost management system is implemented for all the Owners Associations we manage so as to ensure budgets are adhered to, and regular reviews ensure that targets are achieved and outcomes are positive.
  • Risk Management – We identify risks at the project initiation stage and implement procedures to control them through discrete phases of the Association Management process. We cover all aspects of the project such as:
    • Tendering and contract negotiations.
    • Environment, health and safety.
    • Trade practices.
    • Ethical conduct.
    • Crisis management.
    • IT disaster recovery.


Stratum implements a strategy for each of our clients that sets clear goals and offers monitoring and support for association board members. We adopt and adapt the very latest technologies to help evolve our business process and adhere to the highest standards of security and data protection.




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